The ELACIN SleepFit is manufactured from the very soft FlexFit material (hardness 40 Shore) and is fitted with a broadband ML01 filter.
This filter not only strains the high frequency noises, but also the irritable and alarming noises of low frequencies (under 1000Hz). Whereas cotton and conventional earplugs are not attenuating to the desired level in the low frequencies.

ELACIN SleepFit reduces among others the noise of a partner's snoring, the noise of road or air traffic and of a catering occasion.
At first the ELACIN SleepFit might cause some discomfort, but after an initial one-week period, you won't even notice you are wearing them.
The ELACIN SleepFit is always produced in the color yellow and it is fitted standard with the ML01 filter. If desired another filter can be fitted.

Applications of use:

  • Partners of snorers
  • People on ‘shift work’
  • Travelling by plane, car, train, bus etc.
  • Students: to eliminate distractions
  • People living near an airport, disco-venues, noisy streets, etc.