The ClearSound is the next generation of ELACIN hearing protectors.
It is provided with a brand new (patented) sound filter concept, offering improved transparency for higher frequencies.
Due to this significantly improved attenuation characteristic, it provides very good speech intelligibility and work sound and warning signal perception.
Thanks to this quality, the ClearSound provides a high acoustical wearing comfort and eliminates the need for removal during communication.
The wide range of filters includes low attenuation values preventing uncomfortable and dangerous over attenuation at lower, but still harmful noise levels.
The ClearSound is a compact hearing protector provided with a small grip, which makes it easy to fit the protector and remove it from the ear canal.
It is standard manufactured from soft, translucent turquoise-coloured FlexFit material (60 Shore) and comes standard with an optional cord with shirt clip.
There is a choice of 5 filter types, depending on the noise level: the RC13, RC15, RC17, RC18 or RC 19 filter.

Applications of use

  • Users with hearing loss
  • Work places and noisy events
  • Where speech intelligibility is important
  • Where work sound perception is important
  • Where warning signal perception is important
  • Environments with limited harmful noise levels
  • Discos and other noisy events
  • And many more


  • More comfortable for hearing impaired users
  • Prevention of over attenuation
  • Less acoustical isolation for the wearer
  • Very good speech intelligibility
  • Very good work sound and warning signal perception
  • No need for removal during communication, etc.
  • High acoustical and physical wearing comfort
  • No isolation from, and more alertness to the direct environment
  • Improved acceptance and willingness to wear
  • Does not protrude (no risk of hitting objects) and is nearly invisible
  • Provided with grip for easy fit and removal
  • Interconnection cord with shirt clip is a standard accessory
  • Soft and very lightweight
  • Perfect fit for long-term use
  • Continued ventilation of the ear canal
  • Selection of 5 filter types, depending on the noise level
  • Easy to clean
  • Optional metal ball for detection (e.g. for the food industry)