One of the most important aspects of hearing protection is to choose the right protector for your situation. We offer our service and experience to assess your situation and select the right hearing protection to suit your needs.

The most important decisions to make are the type of hearing protector and the right attenuation level. By choosing ELACIN tailor-made hearing protectors you have already made the first decision to get the highest level of comfort, which will ensure that they are actually worn without complaints or interference with other safety equipment.

We can advise you which product suits your needs most.

The attenuation level is probably the most neglected issue when it comes to hearing protection. It is very important to choose the right attenuation level, to achieve optimal protection.
  • When the attenuation level is chosen to low, it is obvious that the ear is still exposed to a harmful noise level.
  • When the attenuation level is chosen to high, you might think that you are save. But what happens when you don ’t hear anymore? You have to take off your hearing protection often to communicate or hear what happens around you. Even when you have to take them off for very short periods, the level of protection will drop dramatically. (see faq)
To ensure you get the right protection level, ELACIN has developed a special computer program which will calculate the right attenuation filter for your specific situation.

Please feel free to ask for any advice.