Employer's FAQ

Some of the most heard questions about our products:

Looks good, so it must be quite expensive.

No, not at all. Even though the initial cost might be a bit higher than of-the-shelf products, in the long term our products are very cost effective. It is possible to supply your staff with a tailored product, fitted on-site from only $0.19 cents a workday.

It is still expensive if they lose them.

That is right, but they will not lose them. As it is a personalized product they really like to use, they will look after it. In reality less then one percent ever gets lost.

What are the benefits for my company?

  • Better compliance from employees, as they will like to use ELACIN instead of having to wear hearing protectors.
    Hearing protection does not have to be a nuisance.
  • They cannot be used incorrectly. When they are worn, you get the right protection. They cannot be inserted halfway or incorrectly. The protection is not compromised when used in combination with other safety gear like glasses, hats, caps, beanies, helmets, face shields, or even respiratory masks.
  • You will not only improve on hearing protection but on much more. People will be able to communicate while wearing hearing protection, this can prevent (expensive) mistakes and accidents. People can hear sound around them, so they can hear the machinery and others around them, which can be very important in traffic.(forklifts/roadwork etc.)
  • As noise is a stress factor, the continuous use of hearing protection is important, otherwise the human body will react on these stress signals.
    Apart from hearing problems this can be in the form of fatigue, raised blood pressure, head ache, irritation, making mistakes.
    It also makes it difficult to unwind/relax after work, with sleeping problems/shortage as a result, which is not good for the next day at work either.. Those problems are not always recognized as a result of noise exposure, but scientific research has shown a clear relation.

Do they comply with the regulations from the Department of Labour? (OSH)

Yes they do, as several of our products are tested according to the AS/NZS 1270-1999 standards. They also meet the CE and NEN 352-2 standards.

Do I get guarantee?

Yes, all the ELACIN hearing protectors come with two years warranty.

We need at least “Grade 5” earmuffs!

Is that right? The grading system is years ago replaced by the class system and is not the same. A common mistake is to select hearing protectors on peak noise levels and not on the eight hour equivalent. Ten minutes work in 110 dB does not mean that you need to use the whole day protection against 110 dB. Most industrial environments have an eight hour equivalent between 85 and 95 dB.
So according to the OSH regulations a “Class 1 or 2” hearing protector should be the best choice, as they warn against overprotection.
To find the right class, click here to go to our noise exposure calculator.

Are you able to supply a Class 5 hearing protector?

Yes we have a couple of options for a Class 5 hearing protector. Our Custom made earplugs can be fitted with different filters that are Class 5.

Why is overprotection not good?
The more protection, the better it is, or not?

Imagine that you step into your car on a sunny day, and you want to use something against the glare. Would a welding shield be the best choice, as this gives maximum protection against light? No, some good sunglasses will be a much better choice. Preferably polarized and with UV filter.
With hearing protection it is the same, the highest protection level does not give the best protection. You get the best protection from the right attenuation level and good acoustical properties. We have a wide range of filters to suit your situation, with the best possible acoustical properties.
Another problem with overprotection is, that people take their protection off to listen or communicate. Removing hearing protection in a noisy situation, even for very short periods, extremely reduces the actual protection. Five minutes unprotected in a eight hour day reduces the protection by approximately 40%.

How long do they last?

We recommend four years of use. This is mainly because the hearing canal that might change gradually, the product will last longer.

Can they be cleaned?

Yes with luke warm water and soft soap. Rinse with fresh water and dry them properly.

Are they hygienic to use?

Yes, much more than other products, as they don’t have to be taken out as often for communication or comfort reasons.

We are in the food or pharmaceutical industry, can we use them?

Yes, we can fit the earplugs with a metal detection ball, so they can be traced with detection equipment.

How do we get them?

Get in contact with us, and we arrange everything. Together we identify the needs and select the right product and filters. We fit them on-site during work hours. (conditions may apply)
We deliver them as well with instructions for use and maintenance.